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Level 1- Light Duty (Nationally Certified Tow Operator®)


100 Multiple Choice Questions

Minimum Passing Score: 80%

The Level 1 certification exam is intended to measure certain basic knowledge specific to light duty towing and recoveries, examples include:

– Routine customer pick up, delivery and light recovery
– Hook-ups for cars and light trucks up to 10,000 GVWR
– The difference between front wheel and rear wheel drive vehicles and appropriate procedures for each
– Installation of dollies and required dolly towing procedures

We recognize that many Level 1 towers will possess more knowledge than what is mentioned above and may possess light duty recovery skills as well. Certification tests, but does not address or attempt to evaluate the certified driver’s actual job performance.



–  The test applicant must have been employed as a tow truck operator for at least ninety (90) days within the past five (5) years prior to the registration date. Such experience must be verified.
– Meet all applicable federal, state, and local requirements for towing and recovery professionals

Test Delivery Options

– The majority of our tests are delivered online. Online testing allows participants to test from virtually any location with secure internet access, a web-cam, a microphone, and privacy. Not sure if your computer will meet the requirements? Click here to verify your settings and equipment now. In addition to being convenient, computer testing is also the fastest testing method with results available within 48 hours of the testing event.

– Traditional paper & pencil testing is also available in a limited number of locations across the country. The turn-around time to get your results back is significantly longer at 4-6 weeks after the testing date. We currently offer traditional paper/pencil testing at the following locations:

  • During tow shows and industry events the NDCP Office/TRAA attends annually. Please visit the Upcoming Testing Events page for a list of upcoming certification testing dates and locations.
  • Paper/pencil testing is available through approved proctors at select locations. If you are interested in registering for paper/pencil testing at a location other than a testing event on our Events page, please contact the NDCP Office via email (certification@traaonline.com) to confirm availability before submitting your registration form.


Online Test Delivery

  • TRAA Member                           $160        (current TRAA members only, requires verification)
  • Non-Member                              $200
  • Retest Fee                                 $100 (reduced retesting fee only applies if retesting within initial one year registration window)

Paper/Pencil Test Delivery

  • TRAA Member                           $190        (current TRAA members only, requires verification)
  • Non-Member                              $230
  • Retest Fee                                 $130 (reduced retesting fee only applies if retesting within initial one year registration window)
  • No Show Fee                             $100

Important Details

– Once submitted, the registration is non-transferable and all associated costs/fees are non-refundable.
– In accordance with FERPA guidelines, all communication between the NDCP Office and the registrant will be directed to the individual’s personal contact information. Unless the Employer Communication check-box is ticked, the registrant retains all responsibility for communicating his/her certification status and other pertinent details to his/her employer (if applicable).
– As with all testing events, validating and confirming the security at testing location is subject to the discretion of the proctor.
– By participating in the program, registered participants authorize us to include their name, level achieved, ID number, city/state/zip, and expiration information in our online certification directory and any related publications/documentation at our discretion.


  1. Register for certification testing online or download the LV1 Registration Form & Informational Page.
  2. Please allow up to ten (10) business days for the initial processing of the registration.
  3. Once authorized to test, participants will receive an email with instructions for scheduling and completing their exam.
  4. The testing date/time can be scheduling as soon as the authorization notice has been received by the participant.
  5. Please allow plenty of time to thoroughly review the study guide prior to taking the test. The study guide is available online free of charge (LV1 Study Guide). Or if you prefer, we can also send you the study guide as a hard-copy (additional shipping & handling fees apply).
  6. If you are unable to keep your test appointment and fail to cancel at least 24 hours prior, you will be subject to a no show fee.
  7. Registrants must attempt and pass the test within one year of the original registration date. Those unable to attempt or pass the test within one year must submit a new registration form and initial registration fee.


– After successfully passing the certification test you will receive 2 patches, 1 ID card and a Nationally Certified Tow Operator® wall certificate. Additional patches and truck decals are available for purchase on our Products page.
– Please note, all NDCP certifications expire every five (5) years. Failure to recertify within 90 days of your expiration date will result in the cancellation of your status (highest certification level completed only). In this event, you will need to complete the initial certification process over again.
– In the unfortunate event that you fail and need to retest, another test application and retest fee will be required.

Additional questions? Contact Elizabeth Martineau, Director of Certification at certification@traaonline.com

* All prices and policies are subject to change without notice. Effective February 1, 2014.

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