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What is the TRAA Legislative Advocacy Network®  (TRAA LAN®)?

Developed in 2016, the TRAA Legislative Advocacy Network® (TRAA LAN®) is a unified group of representatives, from various regions across the country, with the goal of addressing legislation impacting towing industry. The TRAA LAN® can track and develop action plans regarding both state and national legislative initiatives. They also provide the ability to engage the towing industry in an organized grass-roots campaign to contact representatives and senators in their districts on urgent/pending legislative matters.

TRAA LAN® Purpose:

  • To formulate a network of dedicated, energetic towing professionals across the country willing to engage in legislative matters on a federal, state, or local level at the direction of the TRAA LAN® and TRAA.
  • To develop an email network of towing professionals across the country to be engaged when a legislative matter is urgent, and a grass roots effort is required.
  • This network of professionals, as outlined above, shall be known as the “Advocacy Collective of Towers™” (ACT)
  • To coordinate with industry manufacturers, industry partners and interdisciplinary partners to accomplish the above goals and to work cooperatively with the same.
  • To monitor legislative issues that may impact the towing industry and to inform the TRAA Cabinet of any potential legislative concerns.
  • To research and formulate an industry position on legislative matters and develop a plan to implement the position for approval

Our goal is to build a better future for the towing industry.

TRAA LAN®Region Map

Legislative News/Updates

Current TRAA LAN® Members:

TRAA Legislative Chairperson William Johnson (413) 575-3104 bill@thejohnsongroups.com
Mid-West Jeff Roskopf (262) 251-0600 towmanjeff@sbcglobal.net
Mid-West Marci Gratzianna (630) 546-8136 mgratzianna@oharetowing.com
Mountain George Connolly (303) 619-4949 george@connollyweb.com
Mountain Joanne Blyton (406) 698-2300 joanne@billingstow.com
Northeast John Borowski (413) 575-9333 johnborowski@comcast.net
Northeast John Direnzo (508) 865-1802 jdirenzo@direnzotowing.com
Pacific (Member at Large) George Kuntz (701) 258-0451 georgek@ace24towing.com
Pacific (Member at Large) Linda Unruh (575) 403-7000 lalindaconsulting@yahoo.com
Southeast Lee Roberts (859) 294-5566 lroberts@rhdtowing.com
Southeast Chad Yarbrough (912) 429-1513 chad@yarbroughenterprises.com
Southwest Jeffrey Godwin (817) 300-1040 jgodwin@ftigroups.com
Southwest Larry Cernosek (832) 655-5738 lcwrecker@comcast.net
Motor Club Vacant
Lobbying Representative Brian Riker (570) 228-6210 brian.riker@fleetcompliancesolutions.net
Manufacturer Sanjeev Kuriakose (301) 745-5616 stkuriakose@jerrdan.com 
Manufacturer Vacant
TRAA Executive Director Cynthia Martineau (888) 392-9300 contact@traaonline.com

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