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TRAA Submits Comment to Federal Register on Exemption Application by Waymo, LLC and Aurora Operations, Inc.

In March, Waymo LLC (Waymo) and Aurora Operations, Inc. (Aurora) applied on behalf of a class of motor carriers operating autonomous driving systems (ADS) equipped CMVs for a 5-year exemption from the "required placement of warning devices around stopped commercial motor vehicles (CMVs), the requirement that lamps for warning devices be steady-burning, and to allow use of a warning device for stopped vehicles not currently allowed by Agency rules."
TRAA has submitted a comment in opposition to Docket No. FMCSA-2023-0071 based on our belief that allowing the use of amber, or other color, warning beacons in place of the traditional warning devices such as flares, fusses or reflective triangles will increase the motoring public’s disregard and desensitization to warning beacons when displayed for true emergencies. Further, as submitted, the exemption request may be in direct conflict with current emergency lighting use regulations in several states and most definitely conflicts with the intended use of amber warning beacons. Most states do not allow use of amber warning beacons unless a vehicle is presenting a direct hazard to traffic such as being slow moving, stopped in an active lane of travel, or otherwise specifically required by law. By adding yet another group of vehicles displaying amber beacons the motoring public will be further confused as to the intended meaning of the caution light and/or their responsibility when approaching a vehicle displaying such lights.

Event in Review: TRAA's Legislative Action Workshop & Hill Day

TRAA's fifth annual Legislative Action Workshop & Hill Day was another huge success with over 23 states from across the country represented! Together members made real progress towards getting support for the National Move Over Law Resolution (H.Res.152)amending federal weights and measures regulations (23 U.S.C. 127), opposing CMV speed limiters, educating members on EVs, and more.
Collectively we had constituent meetings with over 65 Members of Congress and their staffers to discuss the industry and our needs. Plus, the group met with another 8 Members of Congress and professional staff on the Transportation & Infrastructure Committees for both the House and Senate.
The group also received a presentation from FHWA on ECD-7 Next Generation TIM: Technology for Saving Lives, a presentation by Collin Long with the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA), a presentation by Brad Roseberry with the Coalition Against Bigger Trucks (CABT), and a presentation by ?Dr. Scott Parr with the Transportation Research Board (TRB). Working cooperatively with safety groups and others in DC is essential to making progress on our issues.
Lastly, the event ended with a state association panel on Getting Paid Under Liability InsuranceYour membership and support in TRAA make this good work on behalf of the industry possible.
Want more? Look forward to fantastic articles on TRAA's Legislative Action Workshop & Hill Day in upcoming issues of American Towman and Tow Times.



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