Just Launched: Towing and Recovery Operator Certification Program™ (TROCP™)

The all-new Towing & Recovery Operator Certification Program™ (TROCP™) is now accepting registrations! Formed with the best of both WreckMaster and TRAA, this is the industry's first-ever unified certification program for tow operators. This move to one united certification is designed to increase safety, professionalism, and better serve the whole towing and recovery industry. No more choosing between the two options, you will now be able to get the best of both worlds in one spot!

The Towing & Recovery Support Certification Program® (TRSCP®) will continue to offer the industry's first-ever certification program designed specifically for non-operators working within the towing industry. TROCP™ and TRSCP® certification exams are now available online at Those currently certified with WreckMaster or TRAA will maintain their active status.

What if I already have a TRAA certification?
Everyone with a valid NDCP or TRSCP certification has had an account with created for them. Provided you have a valid email in the system, you should have received an account activation email. This email will require you to create a password to access your account. If you did not receive an account activation email, please click here. You'll need to login to your new account to access your records, register for new certifications, renew existing certifications, etc.

Got a question? Check out the FAQ page. If you can't find an answer there, feel free to email



Who We Are

TRAA is the national association representing the U.S. towing and recovery industry. We act as the "voice of America's towing industry" by offering representation, education, and leadership at the federal level. Much of our focus is on representing the interests of the towing and recovery industry on Capitol Hill including promoting positive legislation and opposing potentially negative legislation. TRAA is the industry's watchdog on Capitol Hill!