TRAA Opposes NLRB Proposed Rulemaking on Standard for Determining Joint-Employer Status

On September 7th, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) announced notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) on the Standard for Determining Joint-Employer Status [NLRB-2022-0001-0001]. The proposal would rescind and replace the final rule entitled “Joint Employer Status Under the National Labor Relations Act,” which was published on February 26, 2020, and took effect on April 27, 2020. The proposed rule would "revise the standard for determining whether two employers, as defined in section 2(2) of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA or Act), are joint employers of particular employees within the meaning of section 2(3) of the Act. The proposed changes are designed to explicitly ground the joint-employer standard in established common-law agency principles and provide relevant guidance to parties covered by the Act regarding their rights and responsibilities when more than one statutory employer possesses the authority to control or exercises the power to control particular employees' essential terms and conditions of employment."

While not directly related to towing and recovery, the proposal could adversely affect those larger organizations in the industry with subsidiary companies or divisions. As such, TRAA has signed-on and submitted comment with the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace in opposition to the changing joint employer rule standard. 

As your voice on Capitol Hill, TRAA is proud to be advocating on behalf of the industry and our members. We appreciate the support of each and every member; we couldn't do this critical work without you!



Who We Are

TRAA is the national association representing the U.S. towing and recovery industry. We act as the "voice of America's towing industry" by offering representation, education, and leadership at the federal level. Much of our focus is on representing the interests of the towing and recovery industry on Capitol Hill including promoting positive legislation and opposing potentially negative legislation. TRAA is the industry's watchdog on Capitol Hill!