TRAA Submits Comment to Federal Register on the Safe Integration of Automated Driving Systems (ADS)-Equipped CMVs

On February 1st, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) published a supplemental advance notice of proposed rulemaking (SANPRM) and request for comments on the Safe Integration of Automated Driving Systems (ADS)-Equipped Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs) [Docket No. FMCSA-2018-0037]. FMCSA is requesting comments on Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) "that may need to be amended, revised, or eliminated to facilitate the safe introduction of ADS-equipped CMVs onto the Nation's roadways. FMCSA continues to consider amendments to the FMCSRs to ensure the safe integration of ADS-equipped CMVs into interstate motor carriers' operations."
While ADS-equipped CMVs are a promising technology, they also pose a number of safety and logistical challenges to traffic incident management responders, including the towing industry, that should be addressed by FMCSA as it considers prudent regulation on their introduction into interstate commerce. Fully automated SAE Level 5 CMVs have no human operators to consent to a tow, to secure a disabled vehicle, or to cooperate with the tow truck operator's instructions. Without uniform standards for deactivating automated driving systems, ADS-equipped CMVs could pose a hazard to towers responding, and without a system for receiving consent, towers could be exposed to legal liability. While these concerns are currently hypothetical, the future of ADS-equipped CMVs is coming quickly, and federal regulations must be ready to respond. We are requesting that the needs of the towing and recovery industry and other on-scene traffic incident management responders be included in future deliberations about regulating this emerging technology.
As your voice on Capitol Hill, TRAA is proud to be advocating for the industry and our members. We appreciate the support of each and every member; we couldn't do this critical work without you!



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