Certain business interests in D.C. are pushing for the passage of federal legislation that would increase truck weights on our nation's roads. Most recently, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee passed H.R.3372 out of committee. The bill would: 


  • Create a “pilot project” that would allow any state to increase truck weights from 80,000 pounds to 91,000 pounds for up to 10 years on its interstates; and
  • Raising federal truck weight limits from 80,000 pounds to 88,000 pounds for trucks carrying automobiles.


TRAA has long opposed increases in truck weight. Increasing truck weight would only increase the amount of time our operators would be roadside splitting combination vehicles and in harm's way. And, unfortunately, Congress has failed to enact legislation that would provide an exemption for towers for both length and weight. Note, H.R.3372 passing committee does not mean it's passed the House of Representative or been enacted.


TRAA has taken an increasingly larger role within the Coalition Against Bigger Trucks (CABT) to fight these provisions. Our efforts now are focused on preventing the legislation from moving forward. TRAA is actively participating in CABT Hill meetings, has sent letters to Congress on this issue, and is playing a lead role in the CABT with over a dozen Members of Congress. 



Who We Are

TRAA is the national association representing the U.S. towing and recovery industry. We act as the "voice of America's towing industry" by offering representation, education, and leadership at the federal level. Much of our focus is on representing the interests of the towing and recovery industry on Capitol Hill including promoting positive legislation and opposing potentially negative legislation. TRAA is the industry's watchdog on Capitol Hill!