Lobbyist Support Fund

As the industry's national association, TRAA is fully committed to representing the interests of it's members on Capitol Hill. One of our most valuable tools in doing this critical work is the association's full-time federal lobbying firm, Tremont Strategist Group (TSG). Rated one of the country's top performing lobbying firms by Bloomberg Government, they are experts at assisting previously overlooked industries like ours in increasing their visibility and sphere of influence on Capitol Hill. Through the collective hard work of Legislative Committee, the TRAA LAN, and TSG TRAA has become the go-to contact for Members of Congress for any towing related issues. This critical relationship building with Member of Congress and their staff has already helped us secure major victories in both the U.S. House and Senate. TRAA really is the towing industry’s watchdog in DC!

Additionally, TRAA helps numerous affiliate state associations with legislative issues within their state every year by researching, reviewing, and submitting bill amendments or comments. There is a significant cost to TRAA associated with assisting on these state-level issues, especially when it involves engaging TRAA’s federal lobbing team to contact state legislators, but we do it because we strongly believe it’s in the best interest of the industry.

There is an significant cost associated with doing this important work. Should you see the value in this work and feel compelled to financially support these lobbying costs, TRAA gladly accepts donations of any amount. All donation to the Lobbyist Support Fund goes directly towards the lobbying team's costs. We also have a general Legal Action Fund which can apply towards any legislative expense associated with defending or advocating for the industry. 
2022-2023 Lobbyist Support Fund Donors
  • A-Albuquerque Towing $350
  • A2Z Tow and Transport $50
  • Abel Brothers Towing & Automotive $2,000
  • Benefiel Towing $600
  • Best Rate Towing and Repair Inc. $50
  • Billings Towing & Repair $6,500
  • Broad & James Inc. $100
  • Consolidated Towing, Inc. $2,500
  • Curtis Garage and Wrecker $600
  • E & R Towing and Garage $150
  • Elite Towing LLC $150
  • Emerald Towing Service $6,000
  • Essex County Recovery Bureau Inc. $100
  • Fling's Towing, Inc. $100
  • Gary Coe $1,000
  • Guardian Fleet Services $3,000
  • HAAS Alert $3,400
  • HDM Towing & Truck Center $2,500
  • INA Towing Network, LLC $36,000
  • Interstate Wrecker Service $2,000
  • J & D Towing & Recovery $2,000
  • La Linda Consulting $2,000
  • Limitless Towing Inc. $50
  • Martins Wrecker Service $150
  • ​Montana Tow Truck Association $2,500
  • Null's Towing $1,000
  • Pleasant St. Auto/Hampshire Towing $100
  • Professional Transport Mgmt. Co. LLC $2,500
  • Puckett’s, Inc. $400
  • Rusiniak's Service, Inc. $200
  • R & W Towing & Recovery LLC $1,000
  • Smith Towing and Recovery $50
  • SNAP Towing $150
  • Speed's Towing $3,000
  • T & T Inc. of NY $100
  • ​TCR Towing & Recovery LLC $150
  • TDI Repair & Towing, $3,000
  • Tim's Towing & Recovery $5,500
  • Virginia Association of Towing & Recovery Professionals (VATRO) $750
  • Wayne’s Automotive and Towing Center $1,000
Thank you to our generous donors for supporting this essential work on the industry's behalf!

* List of donor companies and towing associations accurate as of 8/22/2023.
Did you know that TRAA’s federal lobbying firm, Tremont Strategist Group, is comprised of six (6) individual lobbying professionals working together to support our legislative priorities? 

Chet Atkins, Partner

Liesl Sheehan, Partner

Dave Garriepy, Vice President

George Gomes, Vice President

Tristan Thomas, Senior Government Affairs Associate

Alexandra Eby, Governmental Affairs Associate

Who We Are

TRAA is the national association representing the U.S. towing and recovery industry. We act as the "voice of America's towing industry" by offering representation, education, and leadership at the federal level. Much of our focus is on representing the interests of the towing and recovery industry on Capitol Hill including promoting positive legislation and opposing potentially negative legislation. TRAA is the industry's watchdog on Capitol Hill!