Towing & Recovery Support Certification Program® (TRSCP®)

The Towing & Recovery Support Certification Program® (TRSCP®) is the towing and recovery industry’s first educational program designed especially for individuals that provide support to incident management efforts but are not themselves tow truck operators. While many don’t work directly on the roadways, support personnel such as dispatchers, scene safety supervisors, compliance directors, and office managers are an integral part of the towing and recovery team and have a vital role to play in safe incident clearance.

From new hires learning the ropes to seasoned professionals looking to upgrade their credentials, the TRSCP® is for:
  • Dispatchers
  • Office managers
  • Company safety managers
  • Compliance directors
  • Non-operator company owners
  • General administrative staff
The Towing & Recovery Support Certification Program™ includes two levels: Effective June 1, 2021 all TRSCP certification testing is administered via

Please email the customer service team at with any questions. 

Developed with the encouragement and grant funding of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the Towing & Recovery Support Certification Program™ (TRSCP®) aims to inform, evaluate, and set the standard for professionals working in this important capacity. The TRSCP® covers a wide variety of content from customer service, on-scene and off-scene considerations, traffic incident management, post incident activities, and more. Participants review a written study guide before taking an exam objectively evaluating their content knowledge.

While the TRSCP® was developed specifically for the towing and recovery industry, the program is open to all qualified candidates in other associated fields that meet the requirements. If you are an agency dispatcher in law enforcement, 911, TIM, Department of Transportation (DOT), etc. we hope this program will enhance your understanding of the equipment, resources, and logistics necessary for an efficient towing and recovery response and, thereby, increase interdisciplinary communication. If you are a non-agency party that may be present at an incident scene (such as Public Information Officers (PIO), media, fleet safety directors, and insurance adjusters), we hope this will expand your knowledge base of incident management and quick clearance.

The Towing & Recovery Support Certification Program® offers two sequential levels, in other words, the material covered in the secondary level builds upon content from the entry level. The program covers a variety of content deemed appropriate for a support professional from traffic incident management, incident types, vehicle types, equipment, recovery stages, safety, triaging, customer service, and much more. As a professional certification program, each participant will earn a corresponding designation (professional credential) upon successful completion of the proctored certification exam.
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Preparation: Preparation for professional certification testing comes in many forms. For those that prefer a written study guide, TRAA has published resource guides for each TRSCP level. Available via ebook and paperback on Amazon.