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WTRAA 2021 Scholarship Application – apply by July 31st!

Each year the WTRAA Scholarship Fund, under the TRAA Education Foundation, Inc., awards scholarships to children and grandchildren of TRAA members to assist them in completing their education. Don’t miss out on this valuable member benefit!

Click here for the 2021 WTRAA Scholarship Application.  Please review the Application thoroughly before you send in your application to make sure all required materials are included. The completed application must be mailed and postmarked by the deadline of July 31, 2021.

Scholarship Requirements:

  • Recipient is a Regular Member of TRAA (as defined by TRAA by laws) in good standing, or a child or grandchild of a Regular Member of TRAA in good standing. TRAA Regular membership in good standing must have 36 months consecutive membership.
  • Recipient has a high school or college minimum grade point average of 2.8.
  • Recipient shows evidence of financial
  • Recipient shows leadership
  • All application questions and requirements are completed
  • Physical applications must be mailed and postmarked by the application deadline

Questions or concerns can be directed to Geri Roskopf, WTRAA Scholarship Chair, at geriroskopf@sbcglobal.net or 262-251-0600.

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