Letters to President-Elect Biden & Key Members of Congress

A new year represents a new opportunity to get things done. With lots of impending change in Washington, TRAA sent a letter to President-Elect Biden's Transition Department of Transportation Agency Review Team last week.

In the letter we introduced ourselves and outlined four (4) policy areas where the Biden Administration can support towers:
  • FMCSA Separating Towing from Trucking
  • Federal Move Over Law Provisions
  • Weights & Measures Changes
  • CDL's for Qualified Under 21-year-old Drivers
TRAA also emailed forty-three (43) reelected or incoming members of Congress. Many of these congresspersons are already known to us from past meetings during our annual Legislative Action Workshop (the industry's only national "Hill Day"). As the new Congress is being formed right now, these members of Congress will sit on committees central to TRAA's objectives including the:
  • House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Senate Subcommittee on Transportation and Safety
  • Senate Subcommittee on Transportation and Infrastructure
  • House Subcommittee on Emergency Preparedness, Response and Communications
  • House Ways and Means Committee
  • House Committee on Rules, etc.

These members of Congress are essential to furthering the national goals of the towing and recovery industry.

Policy making in Washington takes a lot of time and substantial effort. Thank you to all of our members for their support as we do this critical work on behalf of the entire towing and recovery industry!



Who We Are

TRAA is the national association representing the U.S. towing and recovery industry. We act as the "voice of America's towing industry" by offering representation, education, and leadership at the federal level. Much of our focus is on representing the interests of the towing and recovery industry on Capitol Hill including promoting positive legislation and opposing potentially negative legislation. TRAA is the industry's watchdog on Capitol Hill!