The House Committee on Appropriations passed its annual spending bill last month. Unfortunately, this year's Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (THUD) bill includes report language that encourages the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to consider implementing a "consent towing fraud prevention outreach campaign to inform the public about excessive consent towing fees charged by dishonest tow truck operators and educate them on resources to protect themselves from these predatory practices".


While disappointing, it is important to note that report language does not have rule of law. However, FMCSA could choose to move forward with the recommendation, or it can be used as a foundation for future legislative proposals. TRAA has submitted a formal letter to the House Committee on Appropriations on behalf of the industry in opposition to the report.


As you likely recall, last Congress there was an effort to allow states to regulate consensual towing – and TRAA took a lead effort in preventing that provision from being included in the infrastructure bill that was eventually signed into law. Unfortunately, Washington DC is not the place where bad ideas go to die. The continued push on this issue means we will be keeping a keen eye and also give it increased attention at next year's Legislative Action Workshop & Hill Day.



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