What is the difference between certification and training?
Training is a hands-on demonstration or exercise designed to enhance the participant’s knowledge of predetermined content. Whereas, certification is an objective evaluation of someone’s mastery of the select content. In other words, training is intended to generate knowledge versus certification is intended to test a person’s knowledge. For example, did you ever sit through a class in school and while you were physically present for the lecture you hadn’t actually learned the material and then did poorly on the exam? The distinction that certification evaluates what someone has actually learned is why so many towing authorities across the nation rely on certification when evaluating a professionals credentials.

How do I get a discount on certification pricing? How do I join?
Members of TRAA receive exclusive discounts on TROCP and TRSCP registrations! With several membership levels available, whether you’re a company owner or an individual you can become a member of TRAA. More information is on our Join Now Page.

How do I prepare for the test?
Preparation for certification comes in many forms: training, professional experience, and/or written resources. For operators preparing for the TROCP, we recommend attending a training that corresponds with the level of certification you are attempting. Appropriate training programs are available from WreckMaster Inc. and other affiliate programs. Again, training is recommended but not a requirement for TROCP certifications. For those that prefer a written study guide, there are resource guides available on Amazon for both the TROCP and the TRSCP published by the Towing and Recovery Association of America, Inc. (TRAA). Note, you are not required to do either of the above, but both preparation options are available to you if you want them.

How do I schedule my online testing appointment?
Once registered, participants schedule their own testing appointments at a time that works for their schedule. Simply follow the instructions outlined via email.

What equipment do I need?
Online testing is ultra-convenient as participants are able test from virtually any location with secure internet access, a web-cam, microphone, and privacy. Note, most laptops and desktop computers these days meet the requirements. Testing appointments are available 24/7 and results are available immediately after finishing the test. Many companies have taken to setting up an office or conference room designated specifically for testing, while others prefer their drivers test from home during off hours. Once you’ve got a computer in mind to use, you can check that it meets the requirement at the following link: http://www.proctoru.com/testitout/. If your computer doesn’t have a suitable webcam or microphone supplemental attachments can be purchased at most office supply stores.

What if I fail?
In the unfortunate event that your score is below the minimum required for passing, you can register to retest.

Do you offer the test in Spanish?
We regret that we do not offer either the certification exams or study guides in Spanish. Per the FMCSA’s General Driver Qualifications all tow truck drivers must be able to “read and speak the English language sufficiently to converse with the general public, to understand highway traffic signs and signals in the English language, to respond to official inquiries, and to make entries on reports and records” (Part 391.11).

When does my certification expire?
As a professional certification program, all NDCP certifications expire 5 years from the original certification date. Please note, some certification ID cards issued prior to 2010 may have omitted the expiration date. Regardless of the ID card, those certifications were/are subject to the standard expiration period (note expiration dates were located on the certificate). Simply login to your account at www.towcert.com to verify your status and get started.

How do I check my status?
To confirm your level and/or expiration date, simply login to your account at www.towcert.com to verify your status and get started.

How do I maintain my certification? How do I renew?
You will need to apply for recertification/renewal every 5 years to maintain your certification. Simply login to your account at www.towcert.com to verify your status and get started.

I’ve misplaced my certificate and/or ID card, how do I request a duplicate?
Simply login to your account at www.towcert.com.

Got a certification question? Email the customer service team at info@towcert.com