Level 3- Heavy Recovery Specialist

Effective June 1, 2021, the The National Driver Certification Program® (NDCP) is now the Towing & Recovery Operator Certification Program® (TROCP®) created in partnership with WreckMaster Inc.! The industry's best education providers are now together under the industry’s only unified certification program.

The TROCP Level 3 certification is for heavy-duty operators in the towing and recovery industry, those that can handle just about any job. This certification is proof that an operator can safely and efficiently manage the most complicated scenarios, recover the heaviest casualties, and impress the most demanding teams on-scene.
  • Customer Service: Communication, Paperwork, Transporting passengers
  • Traffic Incident Management: MUTCD standards, Temporary traffic control (TTC), Incident command, Quick clearance
  • Workplace Safety: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Roadside safety
  • Heavy-Duty Towing Vehicle Chassis Specifications & Operation: Power systems, Ratings, Braking capacity, Lift capacity
  • Towing / Transport / Recovery Equipment & Ratings: Wheel lifts/underlifts, Flatbeds/car carriers
  • Advanced Rigging Applications & Ratings: Wire rope/cable, Chain, Straps, Snatch blocks, Vertical lifting, Uprighting, Anchoring, Winching, Rigging angles
  • Advanced Knowledge of Resistance: Surface resistance, Damage resistance, Weight transfer
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations: Regulations during a tow
  • Safe Towing Procedures and Capacities: Specialized recovery plans, Tractor trailer towing, Bus towing

We recognize that many Level 3 towers will possess more knowledge than what is mentioned above. Certification tests, but does not address or attempt to evaluate the certified driver’s actual job performance.


Initial Certification Instructions
Go to www.towcert.com to register and complete the certification.

Initial Certification Pricing

  • Regular Price: $200

  • TRAA Member Price: $150 (current TRAA members only, requires discount code and subject to verification)

  • Retest Fee: $100 (reduced retesting fee only applies if retesting within registration window)

Test Delivery
TROCP exams are delivered online and proctored. Online testing is ultra-convenient as participants are able test from virtually any location with secure internet access, a web-cam, microphone, and privacy.


Recertification Instructions
Everyone with an existing NDCP certification has had an account created for them on towcert.com. You’ll need to login to your new account to register for recertification, access your records, register for new certifications, print duplicate wall certificates or ID cards, etc. You should have received an account activation email. This email will require you to select a password to access your account. If you did not receive an account activation email, please click here.

Recertification Pricing

  • Regular Price: $100

  • TRAA Member Price: $75 (current TRAA members only, requires discount code and subject to verification)



  • Once earned, participants can download their own wall certificates for documentation.

  • Please note, all NDCP and TROCP certifications expire every five (5) years. Login to your account at towcert.com to start the renewal process.

  • In the unfortunate event that you fail and need to retest, another test application and retest fee will be required.

Important Details

  • As with all testing events, validating and confirming the security at testing location is subject to the discretion of the proctor.

  • By participating in the program, registered participants authorize us to include their name, level achieved, ID number, city/state/zip, and expiration information in our online certification directory and any related publications/documentation at our discretion.

Discounts: TRAA members get an exclusive 25% discount on TROCP™ and TRSCP® registrations (initial and renewal/recertifications) when using our discount code. Members, check your email for the current code.

Preparation: Preparation for certification comes in many forms: training, professional experience, and/or written resources. For operators preparing for the TROCP, we recommend attending a training that corresponds with the level of certification you are attempting. Appropriate training programs are available from WreckMaster Inc. and other affiliate programs. Again, training is recommended but not a requirement for TROCP certifications. For those that prefer a written study guide, TRAA is in the process of finalizing a written resource guide for Level 3. It will be available on Amazon as soon as its ready.